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        Hello and thanks for your visit!

Let me introduce our lines. Here at the store you can find two lines – The Silver Elements and Quis Quis.

The Silver Elements – it’s something very special. There is no “collection”, no “ line”. All pieces are one of a kind. You can be sure you own a very unique piece, which have been made especially for you.

Quis Quis – is a limited edition line. Edgy yet classy at the same time. Harmony, elegance, and natures essence are the heart motif of our Quis Quis.

Our Works made with great dedication, lots of love and passion. Seem it’s the only way to create something cool and timeless, and to be proud of the result. We’re also really honored that our jewelry are reflecting beauty of every age: as far as we know the younger client of us is just 12 and the older by age not by mind is more than 80! Impressing, right?

Both lines are handcrafted locally on Costa-Brava and Barcelona, Spain.
We love to work with silver ( some pieces are from bronze ) and using only natural precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, minerals – hope it will turn to an extra wish fulfillment source for wearer!

“I belive, jewelry it is kinda cherry on the top of the cake. It turns one from just ok to something irresistable.” - Natalia Mart






  Natalia Mart, designer of The Silver Elements























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